Where Can I Get Help With Rent

If you are having trouble with your rent or feel you are close to being evicted, review the below services which will help keep a roof over your head. There are a range of government and non-profit organizations that provide multiple rental assistance options for those struggling with rent.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
HUD is a Government sponsored organization that aims to help you meet not only your rent but also the utility expenses as well. There are several ways that this is accomplished:

  • HUD assists the owners of apartments with rental subsidies so that they can offer reduced rental rates. You can search the database for low-rent apartments and apply directly to the property manager. Search for low rent apartments here.
  • Public Housing offers housing to those earning a low-income, the disabled, and the elderly. You need to apply through your local public housing agency. Click here to find details of your local department.
  • The Housing Choice Voucher Program gives assistance in the form of a voucher. You choose where you want to live and use this voucher towards paying the rental expenses. Again, you need to contact your local public housing agency. Click here to find details of your local department.

There are also many state run programs that can assist you if you are battling to pay your rent or utilities. You will need to find out about the assistance programs available in your area by getting hold of any of the assistance agencies or the community action agency in your local area to learn more about these programs.

Rental Assistance from Non-Profit Organizations
Several charitable organizations may be able to assist you in making your rental payments. These range from local churches to dedicate non-profit organizations. If you are battling to make ends meet, contact your local community-based agencies or church and see whether they can assist.

Do remember though that these charities tend to be underfunded so this is more of a one-time only deal. They are still worth contacting though as they may be able to assist you in finding a more permanent solution.

Bank Assistance Programs
Some banks do offer assistance in covering your rental short-term but this is more likely to be in the form of a lower interest loan than an actual bail-out. Check with your bankers if there is any assistance that they are able to offer.

USDA Rural Development
The rural development loans or Section 502 loans are geared towards assisting low income families in rural areas. These loans are typically provided to people who need help to build or repair homes. They also help to improve on site facilities like water and sewage solutions.

In order to qualify, a general rule of thumb is that your income must be below 50% of the area median income (AMI). Your family must also not have adequate housing but you should be able to maintain mortgage payments, taxes, and insurance. The typical loan is offered for a loan term of 38 years maximum.

It is important to remember that state specific rules also exist which is why you will need to check the USDA Rural Development website for more information specific to your state and income to see if you qualify.


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