What You Should and Shouldn’t Buy at Yard Sales

Yard sale season is quickly approaching, making a great time of year to prepare to score some deals. While certain items can be considered great finds at a garage sale, there are other items you should always pass by no matter how cheap it may be. To help you make the most of the season, here is great list on what you should and what you shouldn’t buy at a yard sale.

Do Buy: Books
If you are looking for some summer reading, yard sales can be a great place to stock up. Typically, books will be sold for less than $1, so you can grab a few without a serious investment. Just make sure to look for books that are in good condition and have no signs of water damage. That way, once you are done with the read, you can resell it.

Don’t Buy: Running Shoes
Shoes often mold to the feet of the person who wore them before, making them less than ideal for anyone other than the original owner. Add to that the fact that the padding and support may be shot, and you could be signing yourself up for some foot pain and even an injury.

Do Buy: Children’s Clothes
Kids grow out of clothes quickly, making them a staple for many garage sales. If you have children, make sure to check out any clothing that is for sale. Make sure it is in good repair and without any stains before making the purchase. Additionally, don’t be afraid to grab good clothes that are a size or two larger than your kid’s current size if they will likely grow into them. Just make sure the pieces are appropriate for any season if they are big, in case your child has a growth spurt at an unexpected time.

Don’t Buy: Baby Gear
Cribs, car seats, and other baby gear are risky purchases at yard sales even if they are still in the box. These items are frequently subjected to recalls, and older version might not have the safety features that today’s products include as a standard. Use children’s gear is even less safe as you can’t guarantee what has happened to it during its prior use.

Do Buy: Home Décor
Many people redecorate their house on a regular basis, leading them to sell a variety of home décor items that are still in good conditions. Items like picture frames and candle holders are often easy to find at area yard sales, and most will look similar to how they did brand new. If they have some wear and tear, then consider if they can be easily upcycled into a usable item if the price is right.

Don’t Buy: Mattresses
A used mattress comes with numerous risks that simply aren’t worth taking on. Issues like bed bugs, pet dander, and even mold can be present. Add to that the fact that mattresses are hard (if not impossible) to thoroughly clean, and it is easy to see why these should be left in the hands of their original owner.

A few thoughts on yard sales
Regardless of what you purchase, make sure you thoroughly exam the item as there is nothing worse than getting home to see you purchased a lemon.

Depending on your nature, take advantage of opportunities should you spot one. While you may go to a yard sale looking for a particular item you want or need. If you see something of value, purchase it – you may not need it now but could in the future. In addition, if it’s great value, resell it on an online site like the classifieds or other online market places.

There are hundreds if not thousands of people who do this professionally and earn a great income at it.

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