How to Get Free Gas and Transportation Help

Just like utility bills, gas prices are not fixed and can change daily in certain cases. If you are on a tight budget and are finding it hard to fill up the tank, try a few of the below options.

Fill Up Tips
Here are a few general tips to get the most out of the gas you do get

  • Pick the day you fill up wisely, there are definitely days of the week where prices are lower.
  • Visit lower cost gas stations such as Costco, Safeway and Arco
  • Don’t wait till the tank is empty to top it up – otherwise you are at the mercy of what current prices are and the nearest stations prices
  • Keep the air pressure in your tires at the recommended psi
  • When filling up at the pump, wait a few seconds before taking out the nozzle – every last drop counts.
  • Use the aircon sparingly

Getting Free Gas
There are different ways to not only get free gas, but also making sure the gas you do have goes a lot further with smart gas cards or point collection cards.

  • Credit Cards. Many credit card brands offer gas collection point cards where you get a rebate on your purchases in gas cards. Generally these cards offer 3 to 5% in rebates on your total gas purchases. As long as you pay off the card every month you can gain 5% gas back, which on the average American gas spending could be as much as $145 a year.
  • Gas Point Cards. Another great way to get free gas is to double up on your gas credit card with a gas company’s reward card, such as Shell or BP. Often if you purchase items in store you get reward points on their reward’s card that can then be redeemed for gas cards. Purchase it with your gas credit card and double your free gas!
  • Free Car Media. Another great way to pay for your gas is to start getting paid for driving. This does not mean becoming a taxi driver. Simply sign up with a car wrapping service to get advertising put on your vehicle and get paid in gas. Now you can get paid for all that driving you have to do.
  • Local Charities. There are usually local charities that may be willing to help you and your family with petrol in certain emergency situations. A simple search online and few phone calls will help you identify who may be able to help. The Salvation Army is know to have a great network for assisting those in need with free gas vouchers.

Transportation Help
If you are a senior, student or person with a physical or mental disability there are usually municipal or state programs that ensure you pay a lot less for your public transit that a full-fare paying adult. There are also a lot of other programs that can often provide free bus rides.

In many large cities, hop on, hop off free tourist buses make a loop around downtown and popular tourist attractions. It can be a great way to get around these areas for free. Some cities also offer free rides to people that are looking to do shopping in the downtown area in hopes of driving business into this area.

Even some companies will offer public transit with employment as a benefit of working for the company. Ask your current employer if they offer such a benefit. Checking out the American Bus Association for current promotions in your area could also turn up possibilities.

Whether you need help with gas or general transportation, there are options available in most communities.