8 Places to Find Money Around the House

Who doesn’t like finding or receiving unexpected money? Did you know that there are numerous places around your home that may be hiding small or large amounts of cash. Check out the list of different places, which may be harboring some forgotten or lost money.
Why wait for the next spring-cleaning when you can go and score a small bounty today!

Here are a few spots that are often catchalls for loose change:

money in couch
Sofa Cushions: This is the most obvious place to check, for good reason. When you sit down change slips out of your pocket and falls between the cushions. The same thing can happen when guests stop by for a visit. Pull the cushions of check the edges carefully. You may even want to lift the sofa up to see if any change has fallen underneath. Really get into the cracks and crevices of your sofa or couch.

money in bed
The bed: If you’ve ever come home from a long day and flopped down on your mattress, you may have some loose change lurking beneath the mattress. Pull off your sheets and take the pillows off your bed. Lift up your mattress and even check the edges close to the wall. At one point, you may have even hid money in or around your bed/mattress and forgot about it.

money in your pockets
Old coats and pants: Check the pockets of old clothing and coats you’ve had in storage. Change and (even bills) often get lost and forgotten in pockets. Don’t forget to check backpacks and purses for loose change and forgotten money. This is one of the most common places to find money and it always brings a big smile to the face of the person who finds bills.

car change
Ashtray/Car: Head out to your car and take a gander in the ashtray and other storage areas of your car. It’s pretty easy to chuck change in an open area when you’re buying gas, groceries or stopping for a snack. Take a quick look in the seats and underneath the front seat for loose change. The change found in your car can really add up.

money in the wash
The Washing Machine: You can often find loose change in the dryer filter or even inside the washer. It’s pretty easy to toss in a pair of pants without checking the pockets first. Don’t forget to check around the edges of your washer and dryer too.

toy box
Toys: If you have small kids, check toy bins and inside toys that open up. Kids like to put things inside other things, so it’s likely your little one has stashed some change around their play area. If you kids have a toy cash register or piggy bank, your almost guaranteed at one point or another to find real money in these areas.

finding money in drawers
Drawers: Check your drawers for loose change that may have fallen out while you were putting clothing away. Don’t forget to check desk drawers and any drawers on end tables. You may have tossed some loose change in quickly to get it out of site. Drawers generally conceal hidden money that has been forgotten about. There are even incredible stories of people who have purchased second hand furniture and found large lump sums of money.

piggy bank
Piggy Banks: This is a pretty obvious choice for most people. If you have a change jar or a piggy bank lying around, pilfer through it to get enough cash to fill up the gas tank.

Change can add up. One man in the US cashed in over 500 pounds of pennies totaling just over $800. Keep a change jar nearby. When you are living on little, any money can be a big help.

Finding forgotten money is always a bonus, especially if you could really use the extra cash. The above are just some of the more common areas to find cash around the home.

Please share any other great places to find money around the home!