Free Breast Pumps for New & Expecting Mothers

Are you considering a breast pump but are unsure on where to start? There are many reasons why new or expecting mothers may consider or want a breast pump. Some of the most common questions new mother have in regards to breast pumps include - what type of pump should I get and how much will it cost.

Deciding whether to breastfeed or provide your baby with breast milk via a pump is a personal choice. Whilst many people will have an opinion on what is best, the only important decision or factor is yours. Below is information on frequently asked questions about breast pumps in addition to providing detail on how and where to get a FREE breast pump.


How to Choose a Breast Pump

Choosing the best breast pump for you really come down to a few easy questions. As there are so many different pumps available on the market, answering these questions will quickly narrow down the best pump for you.

- How often do you plan to express? If you plan to express often, a more powerful electric pump may be the best option for you.
- Would you prefer a single or double pump unit? This again is based on the frequency of expressing and personal choice. If you are time poor and want to express as quickly as possible, a double pump may be the right solution for you.
- Where will you do most of your expressing? Portability of the unit can be a very important factor for mothers on the go. Depending on how often you will be out and about, having an easy to transport and use unit is important - Not to mention battery life.
- Have you considered ongoing running costs? Disposable battery powered pumps can become expensive over time as they run through batteries quickly. These pumps are generally a bit weaker than rechargeable battery and wall plugin models.
“Another HUGE consideration is price. That however has been left our purposely as we will provide you with detail on how to get your choice of breast pump for FREE!”

Unknown too many new mothers and families is the ability to get a FREE breast pump through your insurance provider with no impact to your monthly premiums.  Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), insurance providers are required to cover preventative services for women, including a breast pump.

Coverage does vary based on insurer and the easiest way to know the terms and of your provider is to contact them directly or use a free service that can act on your behave. Specialist organizations that help are generally quicker as they have direct relationships with insurers and breast pump companies that ensure a quick and easy process.

For those with a PPO or other employee plan, getting a free pump is relatively straightforward and quick. Military families with Tricare can also access breast pumps with ease. Families that access insurance from HMO’s or Obamacare may have a bit more difficulty depending on the state they live in.

As mentioned multiple services can quickly provide you with details on what breast pumps you can receive free in minutes. In addition, many of the different breast pump brands also have services to let expecting and new mothers know what pumps they can provide based on your location and insurer.