Free Education for Low Income Families

Getting a good education should not be reserved to those with money. Anyone and everyone should be able to access a higher level and quality of education regardless of income. Unfortunately, there are numerous costs that are associated with going to school that don’t include tuition and fees. Room and board, clothes, school supplies are just a few expenses one has to think about, especially if the school is away from home.

These kinds of costs can really hamper the thoughts of low income families in terms of getting their kids to a good school. If you think you could never go to college or send your kids to college because of its sheer cost, you may want to reconsider your options. With literally thousands of grant programs and some colleges offering free tuition, you can provide your children with a different future with smart planning.

Free Ivy League Education
If you have an exceptionally gifted child, you do not even have to worry about tuition as almost all of the top Ivy League schools offer financial aid to all students whose parents earn less than $60,000 per year. If you are in the low income earner class your entire tuition may be paid for. You may think this cannot be true as these same schools are often the most expensive in the nation, but it is. They have realized if they do not provide free tuition, they simply have to pass up on too many exceptional candidates that will probably go on to have illustrious careers and raise the reputation of the school.

Stanford gives free tuition to those students that are accepted from families making less than $125,000 a year and even free room and board for families making less than $65,000 annually. Of course these colleges typically only admit a small percentage of those that apply. So if you are particularly gifted or your child is this may be your first choice; Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, UCLA.

Free Colleges
Yet the Ivy Leagues are not the only educational institutions in America that are offering free education. There are at least 20 other institutions offering free education opportunities. Including Alice Lloyd College a Christian liberal arts college located in the Appalachian mountain area of Kentucky offers guaranteed cost of tuition to all applicants from its 100+ county catch basin and has the distinction of being labeled as having graduates with the “least amount of debt.”

Barclay, Berea, College of the Ozarks, Curtis Institute of Music, Deep Springs College, the Webb Institute and more all offer unique programs that offer free tuition, especially to those in need. Although some colleges like Alice Lloyd require residency, others do not. If you are wondering how to provide for your child’s future, researching these free colleges, especially those near you will help start you on a path to success.

College Grants
Grants are free money and are almost always based on financial need, whereas Scholarships are generally awarded based on merit. If you need to provide an education for your children and are in a lower income tier there is first and foremost the Free Application for Federal Student Aid that includes access to all Federal grants. Within this application and your educational institution you can find out which federal aid grants you or your child will qualify for.

Low income individuals and families can received a high quality education for free or at a low cost that works within their budget. Between the universities, non-profits and the government, there are numerous opportunities to get to school. In addition to subsidies, don’t forget about low interest student loans.

Learn about 1000s of organizations locally, state-wide and federally that award grants based on financial need. Apply to as many as possible to ensure you or your children get the financial resources needed to a free or low cost high quality education.

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