Free Internet and Computers for Everyone

Internet access is becoming an essential need for most individuals and families. Think about how often you use or need to use the internet each day whether it’s on your cell phone or computer. The reliance on technology continues grows and while the costs for accessing the internet is a bit more affordable than it was a couple of years ago, the costs still can put some strain on the family budget. If you cannot afford an internet service or a computer there are many subsidy programs for internet services and even free options for internet access.

Subsidized Internet Service
Many of the nation’s largest communication companies provide subsidized services to allow low-income families access to the internet. If you already receive assistance from the National School Lunch program you are already eligible to receive affordable internet service and a computer through Comcast’s Internet Essentials program. However they are just one such provider and many other internet service providers have similar programs.

There are also certain municipalities that offer free wireless connection areas, allowing free access to the internet with your own device. Not all cities offer this service so check with your local municipality.

Another service which is a government, community and corporate collaboration is Connect2Compete offering free access to technology to help increase American’s digital literacy. This program offers discounted high speed access and low cost computers to those that qualify, just enter your Zip code and enter a few simple questions.

Do You Need a Computer?
Living in today’s world almost requires a computer, assistive technology device, tablet or mobile device to get access to the Internet. These can often be gotten at a discount for low income families or even used from various sources.

First there is an assistive technology program in every State that enables you to get access to the devices you need for essential living in your community. These local programs also offer ‘hands-on’ demonstrations to help with the training needed to operate the device as well as lending libraries, funding assistance and even free or inexpensive previously owned devices.

Yet there are other ways to gain access to very low cost devices for access to the Internet including previously used devices sold at online retailers or available through your local classified. Often there are also work-related programs with many corporations to enable their employees to get access to low-cost devices or internet service. Check with your employer if they have any such programs.

Free Access to the Internet & Computers
Lastly there are many other ways to get free access to the Internet and computers. Almost all public libraries offer some kind of Internet access to their members through the use of their computers often for free.

If you have a Wifi enabled device such as a tablet, mobile phone or other device many retailers provide free Internet access within their environments. Most major chain retailers provide free access. Alternatively sharing with friends or family is a great way to gain access to these resources as well.

Also the AASPIRE, Academic Autistic Spectrum Partnership in Research and Education provides advice and information on where to find computers with internet access in your area for free or a small fee.

In addition to the above there are some incredible utilities assistant programs which includes mobile phones, learn more about these programs here.

Please share any other programs or ideas you may have with our readers.

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