Kids in Need Free Back to School Supplies

The Kids in Need Foundation supports families and children nationally through a number of programs to ensure the lowest tier of children are properly cared for. One of their programs that can help your children and family right now is their School Ready Supplies program. It provides school supplies in a backpack directly to children in need throughout the US. Over 63,000 backpacks have been delivered helping families in their back to school needs.

Who is Eligible?
The Kids in Need foundation’s mission is to support those families with children at the most risk of poverty, hunger and need. For the School Ready Supplies program it means that the program focuses on schools with a 70% or greater number of students that qualify for the free or reduced fee lunch programs provided by the Federal government. This specific targeting means that the program can help those children that need school supplies the most, across the street or across the nation. If you think your school may qualify but is not currently enrolled in the program you can contact Kids in Need. These programs deliver backpacks directly to schools in need.

Through major assemblies or direct classroom deliveries, your child could receive their backpack directly through their school, easing the hassle for you having to shop or sign up for another program somewhere else and having to arrange transportation.

Support the Cause
Even if you are a recipient of the program there are great opportunities for parents and children to get involved in the program and help your community. The SRS Backpack Build Event is usually in need of volunteers to help sort school supplies and pack the backpacks with the supplies. Although all materials are delivered to a central location, they still need to be assembled. As a recipient, this is where you can pay it forward by helping out your fellow recipients by volunteering your time to ensure the program remains in place.

As a corporate sponsor, or if you know a company that may be willing to support the program in your area, there is always a need for corporate sponsorship. As a sponsor you can go one step further. Families and volunteers may be hard pressed to get together to put the supplies together. For a few extra bucks the backpacks can be pre-assembled and shipped direct to the school of your choice. It could be in your own community or a school in dire need anywhere in the country. To order your supplies, simply click on the link provided.

Memorable Experiences
If you are a school administrator, this is an opportunity to not only provide your students with a great resource, but the experience of teachers, parents and students coming together to build backpacks can be a very rewarding experience. Not to mention when you are able to hand them out directly to students in need.

For those children or families in need, what better way to give a little back to a community that offers such generous support, than volunteering your time to put some of these backpacks together.

As a business with a social responsibility, providing school supplies can often take the pressure off families at a time when budgetary concerns grow ever more. From school supplies to holiday meals to holiday gifts, the fall can be a hard time for low income families.

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