NeedyMeds Drug and Healthcare Assistance

Are you having trouble paying for your prescription medication or your healthcare costs? If so, NeedyMeds may be able to help you. NeedyMeds is a free online resource center that helps connect patients across the county with low, or no cost, health services in their area. This site is easy-to-use and it never requires you to provide them with your personal information. Below is some additional information about NeedyMeds and how it can help you.

What is NeedyMeds?
NeedyMeds helps people find low-cost or free health care services and prescription medication in their specific area. They offer several different programs that can help you. Below is a look at some of these programs.

  • Patient Assistance Program (PAP). This program helps connect people to programs that help them get the free or discounted prescription medication they require. You can easily search for your specific type of required medication to find out what types of programs are available in your area. If there are any programs that you may be eligible for, NeedyMeds will provide the information you need to apply and get the discounts you deserve.
  •  NeedyMeds Drug Discount Card. This discount prescription drug card is free and available to everyone regardless of income. The card can easily be printed right from the NeedyMeds website without the need to provide them with any personal information. You can also share this card with all members of your family. It provides up to 80% off regular prescription drug costs, depending on the specific type of drug you are purchasing.
  •  Health Care Clinic Search. NeedyMeds is also a great site for helping people find low-cost medical and dental services in their specific area. By simply typing in your address or just your zip code, you will be presented with a variety of cost-effective medical and dental facilities in your area. These facilities either offer free health care services, low-cost services, or they base payments on a ith a variety of cost-effective medical and dentasliding-scale depending on how much money you make. This can help you find affordable healthcare services in your community.

How to Sign Up for NeedyMeds
There is no sign up process required to use the informational resources on the NeedyMeds website. The site will, however, sometimes direct you to programs that can help you receive a discount on your health care services or prescription medication. Many of these programs will require you to complete an application. This application will be sent directly to the program offering the discounted services and never to the NeedyMeds website. NeedyMeds never asks for any type of personal information, ensuring that everyone’s participation on this site is completely confidential.

Beware of NeedyMeds Scams
NeedyMeds has gone to great lengths to warn their clients of several online sites that are claiming to provide NeedyMeds services. These sites often ask people to pay a small fee in order to receive any type of services. It is important to realize that NeedyMeds never charges a fee for the information resource services they offer. If you come across a website that looks like NeedyMeds but is asking for a fee, beware that this is not the official NeedyMeds website and you should not pay for any of these services.