Walmart Back to School Supplies Sale

Families that could use help with free or low cost school supplies have a few great options. Numerous non-profits and charities provide local school supply drives and in many cases, these may be in partnership with large retailers such as Walmart.

Whilst Walmart provides low cost school supplies, they also provide grade school donation packs and various community grants. The easiest way to grab a bargain is to visit your local Walmart as they may have different items available than what is posted online. Whether you purchase online or in a store, having an actual checklist will save you money. Below are a few ways to save big when shopping for back to school supplies.

  • Take inventory on what you may already have
  • Create a list of what your kids will need based on their class (some schools provide some materials)
  • Utilize coupons or ask for any discounts at the checkout counter (check for coupons online if you purchasing online…simply search “Walmart school supply coupons”)
  • Ask your school about school supply drives and or discounts they may have
  • Compare pricing to other major retailers or check with small local shops (they may surprise you)
  • Signup to newsletter or alerts that will let you know when sales are on. In addition, you may receive exclusive deals for being a subscriber/member.
  • When in store, ask for discounts and ask for price matches if you know an item is cheaper at another store.
  • Don’t be afraid of store brand or non-branded items

Popular School Supplies from Walmart
Below are some of the more popular items sold and they generally have the most competitive prices when compared to other shops – Although it’s always best to compare.

- General school supplies from Preschool to 12th grade and even university
- School uniforms including shoes
- School clothes for those not needing a uniform
- Home materials such as desks, lights, electronics, etc
- Backpacks, lunch boxes and other accessories

You can review and purchase school supplies online here or contact your local store and ask about back to school sales. Locate your local Walmart from here.

Shopping Tip: If you find any unbelievable deals, top up as much as you can, especially if it’s an item that you will need to purchase again in the future.