What You Need to Look For When Opening a Forex Account

Choosing the proper online brokerage is one of the decisions treated with low interest especially by new traders, even though it is a key aspect for them, considering they are in the early stages of their trading journey.

Although in 2019 we can’t talk about many scam brokers in the Western World, your broker will provide you with a trading infrastructure that can influence your day-to-day activity. Let’s see what you must take into account when you choose a forex broker.

Your trading infrastructure
One important part of the trading infrastructure is the platform. That’s how you have access to the financial markets and thus, the quality of your platform can make trading a smooth process. A good broker will generally offer several different platform types, including one that’s proprietary developed by the company. Platforms like mt4 or mt5 are still trending, but a proprietary platform has the advantage of being built in order to meet an exact set of requirements.

The trading accounts offer should be structured so any person, no matter his budget, will be able to open an account and trade the markets. Generally speaking, for the most popular pairs, spreads are low thanks to the high liquidity, but if you are using scalping strategies, you’ll need to take spreads into account as well when you choose your broker.

It is also important that the broker offers diversified and cheap deposit/withdrawal methods, so you will be able to move capital easily when you want.

Are trading tools useful?
The competition had made online brokers to constantly expand their trading offer and that had been only to the advantage of traders. If we look back 15 years ago, there were just a few brokers with limited options available.

Now we have brokers like easyMarkets, forex.com, Oanda, and many others, which come with a much larger trading offer that includes several important trading tools. If you are still learning about trading, it will be important if your broker provides you with high-quality market analysis, latest news from the financial world, and learning material, so you will manage to constantly grow your market understanding.

Lastly, make sure that the broker is regulated by at least a well-known financial agency, in order to be sure that a public regulator is constantly monitoring its activity. If your goal is to become a professional trader, then all of the above-mentioned aspects are important when opening a forex account and with them, you’ll be able to improve as time goes by.