Target Back to School Supplies

With school right around the corner, many families have the added expense of school supplies. If you are on a tight budget, this can put pressure on your finances. Luckily, there are options to help reduce the costs of sending you kids to school. Many non-profits and charities provide free school supplies to low income earners and those in need. In many cases, these programs or give a ways are sponsored with the help of large retailers such as Target.

In addition to helping the community, Target also provides low cost school supplies.  As with many retail chains, Target has back to school sales where families can grab a bargain in-store or online.

Below are tips that will help you save money when shopping for school supplies.

  • Review what items you may already have
  • Create a list of what your kids need after reviewing what they already have
  • Check the local paper and online for coupons
  • Ask your school about school supply drives
  • Compare prices across the different shops in your area
  • Check your favourite shops Facebook or social media channels
  • Buy generic items versus branded

Popular School Supplies from Target
Below are some popular items sold at Target, whilst they do have very competitive prices, it’s always good to compare their prices against other stores.

- General school supplies for all grade levels
- Art supplies
- School clothes
- Electronics
- Backpacks, lunch boxes and other accessories

Visit your local Target or shop online and take advantage of their huge range of low cost school supplies.

Quick Tip: If you find great deals, purchase more than you need and use the items when needed in the future.