Churches that Help with Bills

Sometimes families earn just enough to put them beyond the threshold for getting money assistance. Other times, public assistance just is not enough to cover all your expenses. If you are having a difficult time paying your bills and you need temporary assistance or additional support, contacting a local church could be a good option.

Here are a few churches to consider when looking for help with bills or other matters:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
This church, also known as the “Mormons,” by man, has provides a vast amount of donations and monetary service to those in need. The church has provides access to “Bishop Storehouses” in several locations. These store-like locations provide food at no cost to families in need. You may need to interview with a local authority before you receive food, but the LDS church has often said they would not turn someone in need away.

In addition, the LDS church has transient services (to help the homeless) and many local congregations help with financial support for those in need of assistance with rent or other bills. Contact your local LDS congregation to find out more.

The Catholic Church
The Catholic Church has one of the most recognizable service programs in the country. Catholic Charities is the 13th largest charity in the country with revenue of over $4.3 billion dollars. Individuals in need get free food through their food panties. The Catholic Church also provides housing for low-income families, provides education and training, supports the homeless, teaches financial courses, and helps families afford adoption.

The Catholic Church rarely turns away the needy, whether they belong to their faith or not. You can check local listings for a nearby food pantry or contact the local parish for more information. You can learn more about Catholic Charities in your area by visiting their website.

Christian Charities
This organization combines several religious charities from around the world to help those in need. In addition to traditional programs, Christian Charities USA runs a vehicle-donation program to help low-income families gain access transportation. This conglomeration of charities consists of organizations that have regular revenue of over $250,000.

The Salvation Army
During the holidays, you may see their Santa’s ringing bells and collecting change. The Salvation Army offers unique services including veteran-specific programs. Additionally, the Salvation Army offers access to elderly services, hunger relief, housing and homes services, Christmas gifts, Youth Centers and Disaster Relief.

The Salvation Army helps roughly 30 million people each year. While not traditionally recognized as a church, this service organization is faith based. Check with your local Salvation Army to find out how you can get financial help.

Samaritan’s Purse
This non-denominational service organization ranks among the most successful service organizations in the country, and the world. In addition to food, housing and education services, this program helps families get the medical care they need. They provide disaster relief services and they help build homes and schools across the world.

In addition to churches that help with bills, there are numerous other organizations that also provide assistance - Charities, Community Action Agencies and Financial Counselors. You can also receive help from local, stat and federal government through different benefits that are provided.