Help With Financial Difficulties

When you are faced with impending financial disaster, there are only a few things that you truly matter; basic living requirements. Having a roof over your and your families head, food and utilities are essential. Fortunately in the US, there are numerous organizations that assist with life’s basic necessities and much more.

Below is information on how to get low income loans for essential household needs, assistance with shelter, bills and food. Unexpected financial difficulties can arise at any moment, knowing where to get help is crucial in keeping the household running and alleviating some of the financial stresses that comes with money crises.

Borrowing money may not always be the best option when your financially stress. In many cases, it’s just a short-term solution, which can add to your money issues. Make sure you look at other financial options to assist with cash flow. Take advantage of benefits and other subsidized living grants to help reduce your monthly outgoings.

If you do need cash to help with your financial issues, borrow from a responsible lender and avoid high interest payday type loans that come with ridiculous fees. There are numerous better options from non-profits, banks and credit unions – review these loan options here.

There are a number of organizations that help with rent assistance if you are unable to pay your rent or are facing eviction or a notice to quit. Non-profit agencies, charities and government programs are all designed to help in these situations with quick turnaround times.

Non-Profit Help
Local non-profit organizations in your area often have discretionary spending accounts to help out members of their demographic. If you identify with any local non-profit organization you can reach out to them directly about your situation. These organizations can often help providing legal assistance, help in finding better or less expensive places to live, help with moving expenses and even one-time emergency funds to help pay rent.

If you are a member of a church congregation, they often help out their parishioners in ways they may not help all members of the community. Rent assistance is often one of these items that certain congregations may be able to help with a one-time emergency payment. If they cannot help, often non-profits and churches can point you in the right direction about where to get some help.

The LIHEAP and Community Action Agency are two programs that can often help those in emergencies. Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program and Community Action centers both can help with shelter funds including paying rent, security deposits, energy bills and even medical care. Both these organizations have local branches in most major urban areas and a Community Action Agency may be able to help you over a longer term commitment to help you get on your feet.

The Housing and Urban Development (HUD) organization is a federal organization that helps over 1.5 million families annually find affordable housing. This organization can not only help with immediate rent assistance but can help prevent evictions and provide resources to prevent homelessness. This agency has the resources to provide direct housing benefits for those that qualify as well.

Depending on your situation, food may be a more pressing need for your family. If you are in an urban area, there is likely a food bank, food pantry, soup kitchen or shelter nearby that can provide immediate nourishment. The Emergency Food Assistance Program is a federal aid program designed to ensure that non-profit agencies such as food banks and soup kitchens are provided with essential food sources for those in need.

Food Banks
Food banks provide food to millions of Americans. If you need grocery help on an ongoing basis after the crisis, these are generally going to help you out. Applying for SNAP or more commonly known as food stamps can get you access to these resources. In fact food stamp cards can now buy grocery items in major grocery stores, convenience stores and many other places.

Food Pantries, Soup Kitchens
If you need immediate help with food, a food pantry will be able to provide emergency food packets that can feed you and your family. A soup kitchen can provide a meal, during meal hours, for those in need of an immediate hot meal.

Charities, Community Action
You can also turn to local charities, churches or Community Action Centers to help you find the right resource for your immediate needs. From providing food, transportation help and shelter, these organizations are designed to give you what you need with immediate access.

When you are in an emergency, lean on the social structures in place to help you get through this difficult time; search out local charities, non-profit organizations, Community Action Centers, churches and social organizations such as HUD to help you through.

Children Needs
There are numerous services available to help with the costs of children. Low income families and single parents can get help with childcare. This is an invaluable service as the costs for childcare can be exuberant and put serious financial pressure on the family budget. In addition to help with childcare, there are also services that provide free baby items, free diapers and school supplies for kids.

Taking advantage of one of all of these services can really help reduce monthly costs and increase the family budget for other important items.