Where to Find Low-Cost Family-Friendly Entertainment This Summer

With summer break just around the corner, many families begin to wonder how they can keep their family entertained when the kids are home. Luckily, there are numerous options available in most cities that can let your family have a good time without having to spend a lot to do it. So, if you are interested in low-cost options you can check out this summer, here are some resources you can check out.

Local Parks Departments
Many local parks host a variety of events throughout the summer. Some of the more popular options are free concerts and plays. Often, information regarding these events is available on the department’s website and is scheduled well in advance. This allows you to plan to attend based on your and your family’s interest in the specific offering.

Public Libraries
Area public libraries are actually an excellent resource for entertainment all year round but can be especially valuable in the summer. Summer reading programs are a common offering, as well as story time events. Some libraries also offer craft classes and hands-on learning experiences designed to keep kids engaged in education even when school is out.

Movie Theaters
A variety of large movie theaters offer summer movie programs designed to give families a place to go and get out of the hot summer sun. Typically, the movies are popular family offerings, though won’t include new releases. The cost of tickets I generally low, though some theaters may offer free showings as well. Sometimes, buying a package that includes tickets to multiple shows can lower the cost even further if there is a charge for the tickets. Information regarding a summer move program will be on the theater's website.

Sports Clubs and Community Sports
Some cities have community sports teams that are open to the public while others have independent sports clubs that compete in the city. While participating in the sport may come with a cost, your family may be able to watch games for free. For example, if a community softball league plays at area parks or schools, there might not be a charge to attend the game as a spectator. Information about games may be available on various community websites as well as local sporting goods stores.

State and National Parks
State and national parks may also hold events geared towards families. This can include days where admission is free as well as specific activities like family hikes and bike rides. In most cases, information about the schedule of events is available online.

Large hospitals may sponsor community events that focus on health and wellness but also serve as a great source of entertainment. Issues like bike or camping safety could be popular topics, allowing you to get information about how to participate in summer activities safely, and the available booths often include activities for children.

Most communities offer some sort of free or low-cost entertainment that is open to the public. Simply explore the websites of popular organizations and review listing in your area newspaper. With a bit of planning, you might be able to find fun activities for every week of the season.