Money Assistance Kentucky

Kentucky ranks number 45 among the states in terms of poverty level in the United States. The overall poverty rate is 18.8% which means nearly a fifth of Kentucky residents are impoverished. These statistics are provided by Poverty USA whose goal is to raise awareness and help decrease these percentages by providing assistance. If you live in Kentucky and you find yourself in need, the following programs are there to help:

Assistance with Utilities: If you’re a resident of Kentucky and you’re in need of help paying your utility bill, you may be able to turn to the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. This program assists the community in all 120 counties located throughout Kentucky. If you’re deemed eligible, you could qualify from $34 to $274 (with $150 being the most common average) to go towards your primary fuel type. Eligibility is based on your income and the benefits will be paid directly to the vendor of your primary fuel.

Food Assistance: In Kentucky, a program called The Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) helps families buy food. Eligibility is determined by income levels and family size. The goal of this program is to increase a family’s food buying power. The benefits allow people to buy the groceries necessary for healthy meals from certain participating stores. The stipend is loaded onto an Electronic Benefit Card (EBT), to allow people to purchase foods – excluding ready-to-eat hot foods.

Loan Assistance: If you are experiencing difficulties with qualifying for a loan. There are specialty loan options out there which don’t include expensive payday loans. Many credit unions, non-profits and even banks provide low income loans that are specific for those having issues qualifying for mainstream loans and want to avoid payday loans. Learn about these loan options here.

Rent and Mortgage: For assistance in paying rent, Kentucky residents can gain access to low income housing through to programs. These are Kentucky Section 8 Housing and Project Based Housing Rent Assistance Program. Qualifying families provide rental assistance by allowing the family to only be responsible for a percentage of the rent. A voucher for the remainder will be issued directly to the landlord. HUD Housing in Kentucky allows homeowners access to free or low cost foreclosures and mortgage help.

Medical Assistance: There is medical assistance for eligible residents of Kentucky. The Department for Medicaid services is available to assist both adults and children in receiving healthcare. The Medicaid qualification is income based. For children without insurance who are ineligible for Medicaid based on their income, Kentucky Children’s Health Insurance Program (KCHIP) is available. Kynect, Kentucky’s Healthcare connection, can help families to find health insurance at affordable rates that suits their needs.

Educational Assistance: The state of Kentucky offers educational assistance to foster and adopted youth as well as youth who extend their commitment to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. If this does not apply to you, Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA) can help to connect you with merit-based scholarships, financial aid awards and need-based grants.

Community Action Centers: Community Action Kentucky is a non-profit organization that works to represent individuals with low incomes to policy makers and public service commissions on the local, state and national level. They provide employment services, financial and asset building, housing, nutrition, education, transportation and energy assistance. They work side by side with state wide programs such ad Kentucky’s Healthcare Connection (kynect), Demand Side Management, Weatherization and Earned Income Tax Credit to assist Kentucky residents.

Charities: In Kentucky, there are many that believe they have a responsibility to assist those in need. The Salvation Army, the YMCA, and the Catholic Charities are constantly working with the community to get families and individuals the things that they need. Community Health Charities of America and St. Vincent Depaul Society are also excellent charities to look into. GreatNonProfits is a website that allows you to search for Kentucky Charities by city.


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