Free Laptops for Low Income Families

If you are struggling to make ends meet, providing modern convinces for your family can be the furthest thing from your mind. However many studies and educational experts agree that children will need a much better understanding and more access to technology now to ensure success in the workforce in the years to come. If you want to make sure your kids aren’t left behind, follow this guide on how to get access to programs supporting low cost and free laptops and computers.

Free Laptops and Computers
The rise of free laptops and computers for low income families, students, disabled people and children has become widespread across many organizations. Some of these organizations are national while some of these are also at the state level. Generally to qualify for these programs you will need to provide personal information in a questionnaire format. These forms provide the basis of the qualifications and include standard information including your contact information, income and what purpose you will be using the computer for.

Some of the more prominent reasons include providing for use by your children, but can also include a simple need to manage your household bills and needs. It has become increasingly difficult to run a household with modern conveniences like Internet banking and online bill pay, especially when some government payments come in that form. So find an organization that can offer you a free laptop as listed below.

Sources for a Free Laptop or Computer

Your first resource should be Freecycle an online platform that is a network of local organizations that provide free items for recycle to new users. These groups that participate in each location are volunteer run and often nonprofit organizations. Although the site has all types of goods it also has computers as they become available. The site works similar to a classified ad with users posting offers of the stuff they are giving away and wanted ads of items that are needed. If there are no laptops or computers available in your area you can always put up a wanted ad while you search other options in hope that someone responds to your request. This site does not have income restrictions and is simply a recycling network.

Computer With Causes is another national organization that recycles and refurbishes laptops and computers and donates them to those in need. Different than Freecycle; the products from Computers With Causes are generally guaranteed to be in working condition. As a national organization with many commercial sponsors they may be able to provide a more consistent supply for those in need.

With other organizations like and The On It Foundation you have a solid opportunity to get a refurbished laptop or computer completely for free. However, those are not the only sources of free laptops and computers as there are may be a whole host of sources even closer to home. Another great service that helps those in the mid west and east coast is PCs For People they have provided tens of thousands of refurbished computers to low income families across the country.

No matter where you are in the US, there is bound to be a local program to provide either a low cost or a free laptop or computer to you. Connect with your local social services for more information. Simply do a few searches online or even contact your local CCA who may have a list of organizations which can help you. Don’t forget to ask your child’s school about programs that they may be a part of.

Very, Very Low Cost To Free Computers

Accessing a free laptop or computer may not always be easy depending on availability of the different programs. The good news is that there are ways to get reliable, great quality laptops of computers very a very low cost. In some cases less than or around $100. These are fully functioning branded laptops of computers that have been refurbished. Programs and services that provide these devices come from the actual brands themselves, non-profits or other organizations.

Below are a few examples:
- Jump On It Program is a Microsoft registered refurbisher that provides high quality computers starting as low as $115. They even have buy now pay later services for those who are strapped for cash but need a computer as soon as possible. Check out this service and their computers here.

- Digitunity is a great service that try's to ensure that those who need a computer can access one. Use this interactive map that provides over 90 locations across the country that provide rebuilt or refurbished computers. Access a computer today and get online.

- Stand Up Wireless through the Affordable Connectivity Program to claim a one of discount on a technical device. Through this, the team at Standup Wireless are providing 8 inch tablets for $10. Learn more and get your tablet here.

- Alliance for Technology Refurbishing & Reuse is a great network of almost 100 organizations or businesses that provide low cost, high quality laptops and computers. Use their map locator to find a location near you and get the computer you need.

- Compudopt is a organization dedicated to providing technology to the youth. They are located across 13 states and regions including California, District of Colombia, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington. They refurbish and give away their computers for free in addition to helping recipients access no or low cost internet. This organization also provides a range of other free services to educate the youth on all things digital. Learn how to get a free computer and tech services here.

Other items that are generally widely available for low income families include:

Kids school supplies
Baby items and diapers
Financial assistance and help with paying bills
Cell phones and landlines
Internet access
Furniture and household items

If you know where to look there are numerous non-profits and charitable organizations that provide assistance across most things.