Money Assistance New Mexico

Poverty USA has New Mexico as the state with the highest poverty rate in the United States. With 21 percent of the state population at or below poverty level and over 30 percent of children under 17 living in poverty. If you are one of the many individuals or families struggling financially, there are a range of assistance programs to help you get back on your feet.

Assistance with utilities: If you need help keeping your home warm this winter you may qualify for assistance through the Low Income Energy Assistance Program. This program helps reduce utility bills and offers free services like winterization. You may also qualify for assistance through the Weatherization Assistance Program and HUD offers some helpful tips for winterizing your home yourself, which can help you save a bit on your monthly bills. Income verification is required for the Low Income and Weatherization Assistance.

Food Assistance: Residents of New Mexico may qualify for food assistance through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Residents are required to meet eligibility criteria including proof of residency, financial status and work program participation (for some applicants). In addition to SNAP residence may also apply for Women, Infant, and Children (WIC), which provides financial assistance for mothers of children 5 and under. New Mexico also offers a food distribution program on Indian Reservations.

Rent and Mortgage: Residents of New Mexico can get assistance with their mortgage from the New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority. Their website provides an extensive list of agencies in New Mexico that offer rent assistance. You’ll need to provide documents with proof showing your need for assistance. The website lists providers by county and includes a contact name and number. You may also qualify for reduced housing through Section 8, which is provided by Housing and Urban Development.

Low Income Loans: Those on a low income may find it hard to qualify for mainstream loans as the approval criteria can be strict. This in turns have many families turning to payday loans or similar. Be very wary of these types of loans as they may put you in a worst position. Learn about responsible lending options here.

Medical Assistance: If you need help paying for medical expenses you may qualify for help through the Medicaid program also known as Centennial Care. Centennial Care is designed to help residents who can’t afford independent insurance. If your family doesn’t qualify for Medicaid, you may be able to get lower-cost insurance through the CHIP program. The program provides cheaper insurance for children under 18. Qualifying families may also get help from the Brain Injury Services Fund. All programs require an application and proof of financial need. Native Americans can receive assistance through Medicaid as well as the Indian Health Service and Tribal Health Clinics.

Educational Assistance: Students can get help with loans or financial aid through the Federal Pell Grant program which offers free money for tuition for qualifying students. Students must reapply every year. In addition, New Mexico students can get assistance through The New Mexico Educational Assistance Program. You can apply for loans, find scholarships and research school financial aid programs on their website.

Community Action Centers: Residents of New Mexico can receive help through the Community Action Agency of Southern New Mexico Prosperity Works. These community action centers help residents find the assistance they need medical, utility and rent. Additionally, residents may participate in free classes to improve their chances of getting a job.

Charities: Despite being the state with the highest poverty level, New Mexico is ranked at the 36th most giving state, according to the Wallet Hub. This means there are plenty of opportunities to offer service through our receive assistance from area charities including the Ronald McDonald House, United Way, Community Health Charities of New Mexico and Dismas Charities.


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