Money Help for the Disabled and Their Families

When you live with a disability, it often affects your ability to work or otherwise make ends meet. Typically, you’re limited in some fashion, so maintaining traditional employment might not be an option. That means finding sources of financial assistance can be critical to your survival. Luckily, there is a range of sources that can provide money help to disabled individuals. Here are a few options you can explore to find the support you need.

Federal Assistance
People with disabilities may qualify for assistance through the federal government. The largest such programs are Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income. They are both administered by the Social Security Administration and are designed to provide funds to those who meet specific criteria.

Social Security Disability pays benefits based on the amount of money you’ve paid into the Social Security system since you began working. You need a minimum number of Social Security credits to qualify, and the amount you receive is based on how much you’ve contributed over the years.

Supplemental Security Income is for disabled people who have a specific financial need. Again, you must qualify for the program, but it can provide much needed financial support to those who meet the requirements. Learn about SSI loans here, in addition to these top up payments – there are also social security loan options available.

Human or Social Services Offices
All state governments have human or social services offices that can also provide help to people with disabilities. Depending on your income level, you may qualify for food, health care, cash assistance, transportation help, home repair grants, and more.

Like federal programs, you’ll need to provide some information to confirm you are eligible for assistance. Often, the easiest way to do so is to speak with an employee of the office. They can help assess your situation and recommend programs based on your unique situation.

Charities and Churches
There are numerous charities focused on helping those who are struggling on a low-income, including those who are disabled. They can provide help with certain expenses, like food and housing, and some may even be able to give cash in an emergency. Often, they have specific eligibility requirements, so you’ll need to contact each organization directly to explore your options, but they can be a great source of support during times of need. See how a charity can help you.

Churches and other religious organizations can also be an option when you need financial assistance. Many of these groups have support programs designed to help the less fortunate, and you might not have to be a member of the congregation to qualify. You’ll need to discuss your situation with members of the organization’s administration to see what may be available, and certain eligibility requirements might also have to be met. However, they often have a significant interest in helping their community, so it’s wise to reach out.

Keep in mind that most nonprofits operate on a first come, first serve basis, and they generally have limited funding. This means that support might not always be available immediately. But, in cases where they can’t help directly, they may instead be able to connect you with other organizations that can.

In addition to the services provided in this article to assist those with disabilities with financial help, there are numerous other financial assistance programs available in general. Review our site to learn about subsidies, benefits and other services that provide financial help across all areas of living.

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