Free Furniture When you Need It

Free furnitureSome low income earner sometimes have the tough decision of going without a bed, sofa or dining room set then to go without food or electricity. It is these types of decisions that some families and individuals struggle with on a daily or monthly basis.
Yet there are great options for individuals and families to furnish a home without having to spend a lot or any money. Below are a few great ways to get good furniture without cutting into your budget.
Traditional Ways
There are always those in the American consumer society that are willing to throw out perfectly good furniture in order to redecorate their home. In doing so they often leave this quality furniture at the road side for pick up by city services. If you have a vehicle, take a drive around middle class neighborhoods on fair weather days to see these pieces of furniture free for the taking. A modern twist to this is also to check classifieds like Craigslist, Gumtree or Kijiji in their free sections for furniture that people are willing to give away as long as you pick it up. Also consider Freecycle or Freeshare, online depositories for items looking for a new home for free.

Some people even make a living off of the above, essentially sourcing good furniture for free and then selling it as is online or refurbishing items and then selling.

National Organizations
The second resource that is easily recognizable are those national organizations that support low income individuals and families such as the United Way, Salvation Army, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Goodwill and Vet Services organizations. These organizations are widespread across the country and have outreach programs designed to help those in your situation. They often offer pick up of furniture and have the capability to drop off furniture as well. See what local branches exist and contact them for help. Another great option is the National Furniture Bank Association, an organization dedicated to providing home furniture and household items to those in need. See if there is a branch in your area to help you. Often you can get on one or several lists to receive goods that you need to live.

Local Help
Most communities also have local non-profits that help people in need. These can be State run organizations that help low income families or those on social assistance. Local municipalities often also run charity drives for local families and being on their list can be of great benefit. Of course there are thousands of smaller organizations such as churches or specific focus non-profits that help specific groups of people like single families, low income families, veterans and others found in almost every town and city in the US. Leaning on these organizations for free furniture is a great way to provide the essentials furniture you need while also maintaining your budget for food and other living essentials.

Please share any other tips you may have used in the past or organizations you can recommend that help provide furniture for those in need.