Money Assistance Indiana

According to Poverty USA, Indiana ranks at number 28 in regards to poverty level. With 15.9 percent of state residents living in poverty and 22 percent of children living in poverty - the state falls in line with national averages. If you are among the many families or individuals who need help paying your bills every month, you may qualify for help through one of the many financial programs offered below.

Assistance with Utilities: Indiana residents can get help with their utility bills through the Low Income Heating and Energy Assistance Program. The program provides help for low-income families who need assistance keeping their heat on. Residents must meet income eligibility requirements. The program covers heating expenses from November through the end of April. Some assistance may be available in the summer if funds are available. Residents must be homeowners to qualify for this program. If you don’t qualify you can also get help from the United Way, Salvation Army and Catholic Charities.

Food Assistance: Residents who need help covering their monthly food expenses can get help through the state Food Stamp program. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) provides financial stipends used to purchase food. The program is income based. Residents who don’t qualify for food assistance from the state can get help trough local Food Pantries. Residents may also qualify for the free lunch program for children who attend public school and meet income requirements.

Loan Help: If you are having difficulties obtaining because of your income levels or bad credit, there are genuine options out there. Many banks provide specialty loans which they don’t actively advertise. In addition, there are government, non-profit and credit union options available as well. Learn about these different loan services here.

Rent and Mortgage: Indiana residents can get help paying their rent through the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority. Residents can get help with rental assistance and down payment assistance for new homeowners. Additionally, residents may qualify for reduced housing through the Section 8 Housing Program which offers subsidized units for low-income families. For additional assistance, residents can contact their local Indiana Township Association, which will connect them with local rental assistance programs.

Medical Assistance: Residents who need help paying their medical expenses may qualify for free healthcare coverage through the state Medicaid Program. The program offers free health insurance to qualifying families. Families who don’t qualify for Medicaid may qualify for low-cost coverage for the children in their home through the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which offers a traditional insurance plan at a reduced rate. Residents can get free or reduced health services at free clinics located throughout the state.

Educational Assistance: Students can get help with tuition through the Division of Student Financial Aid. Students can get help apply for grants, loans and scholarships as well as access to helpful information that will increase the chances of receiving awards. Additionally, students can apply for help through the Federal Pell Grant program which offers money for college expenses based on the family’s income level. Students are required to attend college full-time to receive funds. If you have small children at home you may qualify for early-education assistance through the Head Start program.

Community Action Centers: Families in need of emergency assistance or help applying for assistance through other programs can contact their local Indiana Community Action center. The centers provide help with emergency housing and food assistance. Additionally, residents can access education and employment resources at their local community action center.

Charities: According to WalletHub, Indiana is the 16th most giving state in the country! If you need a helping hand, this is great news. With so many people willing to help, access to public and private charity resources abound in Indiana. You can get help through charities like Anchor of Hope Charities, Bread of Life Ministry, Outreach, Inc. and Project Home Indy.


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