Money Assistance Nevada

Nevada is one of the lowest ranking states in regards to unemployment with an unemployment rate of 7.7 percent. Only three states rank lower. Combined with a poverty level of 15.8 percent, many households need financial assistance to help cover monthly expenses. If you are among those who need a little extra help to get bills covered each month, there are resources available. Here are a few places you should consider:

Assistance with utilities: While Nevada may not have as many chilly months as some of the other states in the region, Nevada residents definitely need access to air-conditioning to get through the hottest days in the summer which easily surpass 100 degrees during the day. You can get help paying for your utility bills through several different programs including SAFE which offers assistance to families that may not qualify for state programs, but need help due to a financial difficulty. Project REACH provides utility assistance to residents over 62 years of age and National Reserve and National Guard members. If you meet financial requirements you may qualify for assistance through the state LIHEAP program.

Loan Assistance: If you are in need of a cash injection, there are some responsible options out there. However, if you are already struggling to make ends meet, a loan may not be a good option and put you in a worst financial situation. Depending on your situation, the assistance programs throughout this site may be more beneficial.

Food Assistance: Families who are struggling to get enough food for their families can get help through the Supplemental Nutrition and Assistance Program offered through the Nevada Division of Welfare and Supportive Services. Residents must meet state requirements regarding poverty level and provide proof of financial need. If you do not qualify for state assistance you may be able to get help through one of the several food pantry locations in the state. You can find a list of food pantry sites here. Women with children may also qualify for assistance through the WIC program. WIC provides educational resources as well as a monthly stipend for specific foods.

Rent and Mortgage: Families and individuals who are having a hard time making rent or mortgage payments may qualify for assistance. If you are a low-income family and want to purchase a home you may qualify for help through the Home Today program. Interested buyers submit an application. The program purchases the home and you make lease payments until you are ready to purchase the property. The WISH program provides assistance with a down payment towards a home. The program matches the buyers contribution times 3. If you put $5,000 towards your home payment, the program will offer $15,000 to assist towards your down payment,

Medical Assistance: Individuals living on a low income will likely qualify for assistance through the state Medicaid or Medicare program. In addition, you may also qualify for low-deductible insurance for children through the CHIP program. You can also access free or low-cost medical care through the Medical Outreach program.

Educational Assistance: In addition to the Federal Pell Grant program, students may qualify for assistance with college courses through Army Benefits of the Veterans Affairs program. Students may qualify for tuition assistance if they opt to attend a state college.

Community Action Centers: There are several community action centers in Nevada including specialty centers like The Rape Crisis Center. Nevada is also partnered up with California in the Cal/Nev Community Action Partnership. The organizations help provide financial and educational assistance to qualifying individuals. The purpose of these centers is to reduce poverty levels and encourage self-sufficiency among residents.

Charities: In a study done by CNN, Nevada ranked at 41 for most charitable states with just over 3 percent of their residents indicating that they had donated to charity or volunteered in the last year. Even so, there are plenty of options for needy families and individuals including the Ronald McDonald House, A Lift Up Charity and various Catholic Charities.


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