Money Assistance Delaware

Historically Delaware has been a State with a very low poverty rate, being well below the national average. Since 2008 that has slowly changed and Delaware is now above the national average with 13.5% of its residents at or below the poverty line. Furthermore the poverty rate for children under 18 has risen to 22.3 percent showing a real issue for children throughout the state. If you are having financial issues and struggling to keep up with bills, there is help. There are multiple financial programs and services throughout the state to assist with household needs and more.

Assistance with Utilities: LIHEAP is the Delaware program for Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program that administers multiple programs to help various groups with energy bills, crisis and even fuel assistance. Home heating assistance is provided for low income families during the winter months, whereas the Summer Cooling Assistance Plan (SCAP) helps those families with homes pay for cooling during the summer months. The Crisis assistance is meant to help prevent utility shut off in the winter months.

Food Assistance: Delaware’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) the federally funded food stamp program can be found here that helps low income families be able to increase their quality of food provisions. Other food resources include Woman Infant and Children (WIC) a group that helps out woman and infants at risk of nutritional deficiency. There are also a number of school and community food and nutrition programs found on the same page.

Loan Assistance: Getting approved for a mainstream loan can be difficult when on a low income or if dealing with bad credit. Fortunately there are great non-profits, credit unions and even some banks that provide specialty loans specifically created for low income earners. They provide great alternatives to toxic payday loans and the like. Learn about these different loans here.

Rent and Mortgage: The Delaware Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program (DEMAP) helps prevent foreclosure statewide to individuals that have lost 15 percent or more of their income. The Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program is another program that helps all stakeholders come to an alternative arrangement and help families and individuals avoid foreclosure. Affordable housing for low income families looking for rentals should look at the Delaware State Housing Authority website to look at various programs that deal with emergency housing, payment aids, and subsidized housing.

Medical Assistance: With 10 medical assistance programs all managed by the Delaware Health and Social Services Division, there is sure to be a program that will suit your needs. From Medicaid to children’s health programs, transportation help and even long term care programs.

Educational Assistance: Delaware’s Higher Education Office lists a number of education assistance programs for those seeking higher education with limited income. From Financial aid, undergraduate and graduate financial assistance programs to loan forgiveness and reimbursement programs. Child Care services are also available for low income families or to help an individual hold down a job as long as your income is lower than 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level.

Charities: Finding the charity that can help you can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Even looking at the State’s website they are simply listed in alphabetical order. In order to find a charity that is located within your region and caters to your specific issue visit where you can search by city in Delaware and by the specific issue that you are looking for, such as health care, education, housing, food and many more.


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