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As of October 2014, Oregon ranks near the top of the list for unemployment rates. With nearly 7.1 percent of residents out of work, only 7 states fare worse than Oregon. If you are one of the many unemployed or your income isn’t covering all of your necessities, there are a few ways to get help:

Assistance with utilities: You can get help with gas and electricity through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). The program, funded by the Department of Health and Human Services is designed to help low income families reduce their heating costs. You can apply for assistance at Oregon. Gov. To qualify, a family of four must make less than $3,446 per month.

Food Assistance: Low income families may qualify for assistance with food through the food stamp (SNAP) program. Families are provided a monthly stipend to help offset the cost of food for their home. The SNAP program is designed to supplement needs. Nearly 445,000 families in Oregon use the SNAP program to put food on their tables. You must meet certain financial guidelines to qualify. You can apply online.

Rent and Mortgage: If you are struggling to pay your rent, you may qualify for housing assistance from the state or other private programs. Residents in the Portland area may qualify for assistance from Housing Connections or Oregon helps. Other resources included the Section 8 housing authority, and Oregon Housing Centers. Farmers may qualify for special assistance through programs like Farmworker Housing Development.

Medical Assistance: All qualifying families can get assistance for medical care through the Medicaid of CHIP program. Qualifying residents can have all of their medical bills paid through Medicaid. CHIP provides low-cost insurance coverage for children under 18 years old. You’ll have to pay a quarterly stipend based on your income. You can also search the Health Insurance Market Place for low cost health insurance.

Educational Assistance: In addition to assistance from individual colleges and universities students with a financial need may qualify for a Federal Pell Grant. Veterans can receive special assistance for school fees through the Education Aid Program. Qualifying students receive a stipend each month to help cover education costs. Applications are usually restricted to certain times of the year so apply in advance. You can find more information about various education programs at the Education and Training Resource Center.

Community Action Centers: Oregon provides a lot of assistance for needy families through community action centers. Families can apply for emergency assistance, rental assistance, energy bills and for assistance with other needs like clothing. Families are required to meet specific financial needs and money is limited, which limits the number of families that can be heled during the year. A few action centers in Oregon include Energy Education, Oregon Mortgage Payment Assistance Unemployment program and the Low-Income Weatherization Program.

Charities: There are several hundred private and public charities in Oregon. Each charity has their own set of rules and guidelines for assisting families. In addition to local charities, most religious organizations offer help with clothing and food. Contact local religious groups for more information on those specific charities. To search for a specific charity in Oregon, visit the Oregon Department of Justice Database to find charities in your neighborhood.

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